Quality Lift Trucks: Forklift Operation Training

Forklift Training - OSHA certificationQuality Lift Trucks recognizes the importance of safety training for forklift operations and can help your company comply with federal and state OSHA requirements and help prevent accidents and downtime. We have group or individual forklift training sessions and we can give the classes at yours to educate your employees with specific equipment and application requirements.  Employees will recieve an operator certificate at the end of the training course.

Benefits of Forklift Training:

  • Learn safe driving skills
  • Lower accident statistics
  • Improve operator productivity
  • Help prevent unnecessary injuries or deaths
  • Learn daily inspections
  • Learn about the different capacities
  • Comply with OSHA requirements

Forklift classes available in English and Spanish!  Call us today and help reduce your companies liabilities and help increase your employees confidence and knowledge in forklift operation!  (619) 425-1640


10 Forklift Operator Training Requirements

  1. It is the employer’s responsibility to Train, Test, Evaluate and Authorize every one of their forklift operators.
  2. Training and Evaluation(s) are the employer’s responsibility, regardless of previous experience or prior training.
  3. All training must be site and equipment specific.  “Train the trainer” is a myth.  Trainers are not certified but they must be knowledgeable of the equipment and application.
  4. Driving evaluation tests must be conducted and filed for each forklift operator for every forklift that they operate to include loaners, rentals or any new or used forklifts acquired.
  5. OSHA clearly states; “Certification.  The EMPLOYER shall certify that each operator has been trained and evaluated as required by this paragraph L”. (OSHA Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.178, paragraph L, (6), Operator Training, Powered Industrial Trucks).
  6. The employer is certifying to OSHA that they are in compliance with OSHA’s training requirements and that every operator has been trained, tested, evaluated and Authorized.
  7. Forklift operators are not certified, they are Authorized.
  8. Daily Safety Inspection Report Forms must be filled out on every forklift at the beginning of every shift.
  9. Training shall consist of a Complete video review of the entire OSHA Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks, Operator Workbook, pre-shift Safety Inspections, Written Test and Driving Evaluation Test(s). After each operator has successfully completed OSHA’s training requirements and for those forklift operators that can demonstrate safe driving skills and practices on a daily basis, Authorization Cards and Certificates of Completion can be issued by the employer to the forklift operator(s).
  10. From a liability standpoint, we recommend that the employer takes two hours every year to re-certify their forklift operators by providing classroom instruction and driving evaluations.