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Quality Lift Maximizes Customer’s Lift Quality
Published in the Mheda Connection

A major electronics firm with a distribution center in Tijuana, Mexico, was looking to streamline its docking area where it unloads international ocean containers. They knew they were not getting good utilization of personnel or equipment, and wanted to make this congested area safer. The ocean containers are slightly smaller than those in the United States, so the company approached its longtime distributor, Quality Lift Trucks (Chula Vista, CA) about revamping its operations.

The customer’s just-in-time model required prompt handling of the materials. However, their process required an operator to unload the containers of raw materials with a sit-down rider forklift and take those materials to a narrow-aisle racking system. The operator then switched to a hard tire reach truck to put the material away on the racks. Once the material was ready for the production cycle, the operator used the reach truck to take product off the rack and used the rider forklift to move it.

Quality Lift Trucks Territory Manager Armando Hernandez worked with the customer and with Jungheinrich to provide three ETV-C, pneumatic-tire, moving-mast reach trucks. The ETV-C trucks have capacity of 3,500 pounds with an extended-mast reach of 197 inches. These pieces of equipment eliminated the inefficiencies in the unloading procedure because they were able to both unload from the containers and enter the narrow-aisle racking application. Of the $100,000 sale, Quality Lift Trucks Sales Manager Jim Turbyfill says, “With the same amount of operators, we eliminated half of the equipment and really sped up their process.”

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the ETV-C trucks was the collapsed mast height of 87 inches, allowing it to fit in the smaller ocean containers. “Because Jungheinrich deals with these lower container heights all over the world, they offered a standard lower overhead guard option that worked,” Turbyfill says. “They were easily able to accommodate the customer’s needs.”

Quality Lift Bubbles Over
Published in the Mheda Journal

Watkins Manufacturing is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable spas. Sold under several names through a global network of over 850 dealers and service centers, the company has sold more than 100,000 spas and more than a million aftermarket supplies during the last 25 years. Watkins spa sales increase at the rate of eight percent a year.

A 20-year customer of Quality Lift Trucks, Watkins’ recently moved into a 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility to keep up with the demand. Watkins processes more than 2,000 orders per day, receiving either crated parts or full pallet loads from the incoming inspection area during the first shift. The second shift pulls the material needed for the next days production. Two production lines handle all of the production demands.

The production warehouse racking system has more than 700 pick locations and the forklifts are kept busy stocking and replenishing the warhouse. Approximately 85 percent of the production items are stored in the racking system, while others are stored on the floor.

Quality’s President Dennis Hines and Sales Manager Jim Turbyfill helped Watkins create an efficient storage and retrieval system in the production warehouse, utilizing a man-up order picking/stacking forklift that allows the operator to ride along with the forks to accurately store pallet loads and easily fill production orders.

“Watkins knows we have their best interests in mind,” Says Quality’s Turbyfill. “If you have a 20-year relationship with a customer, you know that the best way to retain that customer is to offer advice and pricing and everything else that’s in their best interest, because if it’s in their best interest, they are profitable, they get bigger, and they purchase more forklifts.”

Turbyfill and Hines knew that the Jungheinrich ETX-Kombi AC lift truck would be perfect for Watkins’ needs. The truck’s man-up feature allows he operator to ride up with the forks, guaranteeing that loads are stored and retrieved properly. The trucks also come in handy for daily cycle counts. Wvery night, operators physically count each item in the warhouse. Without the man-up feature, each operator would have to pull the parts from storage, count them, and then re-store them. Now the operator simply elevates himself to the desired level and counts the parts.

The ability of the trucks to pick up and store pallets or crated parts form either side of the truck also allow flexibility in the design of the narrow aisle system, resulting in better use ofthe overall storage cube. This one truck gave Watkins the ability to receive orders int he morning and put full pallets up, and then order pick in the afternoon for their own shipments to send out to their dealers around the world.