Frequently Asked Questions about Forklifts

Q: What are the benefits of purchasing new material handling equipment for a dealer as opposed to purchasing online or from a wholesaler/retailer?
A: A forklift dealership offers many benefits to the end user. They get the factory warranty on new equipment, the most favorable finance packages, factory trained technicians, in house parts support, factory updates and support for your equipment.

Q: Why would I buy a used/reconditioned forklift from a dealer instead of purchasing from a non-dealer?
A: A forklift dealership usually has a history of the equipment that they resell; it is equipment that an existing customer has traded in for new/newer equipment or the equipment has come in off of lease or out of the rental fleet. A dealer tracks the equipment by keeping a history of the equipment, what repairs have been done to the equipment, a true hour meter reading. A reputable dealer will not offer used/reconditioned lifts that has just been steam cleaned and painted, purchased from auction or wholesales and has no idea where or how the machine has been used.

Q: Should I lease or buy?
A: The main reason buyers lease equipment is to Conserve Capital. There are a variety of lease options: lease to own, leases with purchase options, or even leases with maintenance included. These options can conserve capital, give flat line maintenance costs, it simplifies equipment replacement, and with a lease you are able to take full advantage of ownership tax benefits.

Q: Why should I consider an electric forklift?
A: The best reason of all is that with the new technology and performance levels, an all 3-phase AC electric forklift will save you money over the life cycle of the equipment. High fuel costs and the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are also great reasons to consider an electric forklift. Contact us for a cost comparison between a LPG lift verses a Electric lift.

Q: Does the new reduced emission regulations by the EPA and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB) apply to me?
A: If you are in the State of California and you have more than three forklifts you are definitely impacted by the regulations, other states either have adopted emissions standards of their own or have followed the EPA. Please check your state’s regulations for direction or contact us and we will help you determine if your fleet meets these requirements.

Q: What type of service should I look for to keep my equipment in good running condition?
A: There are many different service packages designed to keep your equipment in good condition and designed specifically for the type of equipment you have and your operating conditions. A scheduled preventive maintenance program will keep your equipment in good running condition. There are full maintenance programs and extended warranties that may be better suited for your needs.