Hoss Utility Vehicles of San Diego

Hoss Utility Vehicles of San Diego

Flatbed vehicles are ideal for distribution centers and factory settings. Two and Four passenger models are available. Standard with 2” receiver, tail lights and turn signals. Optional side rails secure cargo in place. An optional canopy top and windshield can be added to the two passenger version. HOSS Extra Duty Utility Vehicles are 100% Electric po wered for use in a wide range of applications. Designed for moving stock in a warehouse or parts at the factory, guests at the resort or staff at an event. Each vehicle is equipped with an AC motor for efficient and dependable power, rear disc bra kes give superior performance and our unique body styles are pleasing to look at. Best of all, our prices are refreshingly affordable.

Hoss Utility Vehicles 2 plus 2

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Hoss Utility Vehicles flatbed

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