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San Diego Forklift Service

Quality Lift Trucks offers service programs that are able to meet all of your forklift service needs. No job is too big or too small for us! Our full-time service department consists of fully insured, highly trained and factory certified service technicians with completely equipped field service vans. We also have a fully equipped service facility for extensive repairs that can not be done at your facility.

Services we offer:

Forklift Break-down Service
Is there something wrong with your forklift and you need to have a technician come and check it out? Give us a call and we will send a technician to your facility usually within a couple of hours.

Preventative Maintenance Service
The key to maintaining a low-cost, long life lift fleet is proper preventative care in a systematic program. Our maintenance programs make it easy for you to make certain that service is performed when needed. With our preventative maintenance program, we come to your facility on a planned schedule to change the oil and to do the necessary maintenance on your fleet.

Broken or poorly maintained material handling equipment can dramatically reduce your company’s productivity. As well,¬†forklifts may become hazardous if maintenance is neglected and repairs or adjustments are not performed. Neglected equipment can result in unplanned expenses and a slow down of production. Avoid costly downtime with regular forklift preventative maintenance.

Full Maintenance Service
Is your company having a problem with the variable cost for forklift service and you would like a monthly fixed cost instead? Then this plan is for you! The full maintenance plan is a contract to have a fully maintained lift with a fixed monthly cost. We will come to your facility and do the preventative maintenance on your fleet and will cover any service repairs that will need to be made as well.

By allowing us to do what we do best allows more time for you to do what you do best!